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7W GU10 Compact Fluorescent

Part No: 25553
$18.00 incl tax

CCD Compact Fluorescent Candle Lamps

Part No: 25610
$12.00 incl tax

CFL Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Part No: 25601
$10.00 incl tax

CFR Compact Fluorescent Reflector Lamps

Part No: 25607
$22.00 incl tax

Osram Biolux T8 Tubular Fluorescent Tubes (Sold as 10)

Part No: 4050300270821
$399.00 incl tax

Osram DULUX S Compact Fluorescent Lamps (10 Pack)

Osram DULUX S Compact Fluorescent Lamps in 5 watt, 7 watt, 9 watt and 11 watt models
$80.00 incl tax

Osram G4 12V 20 Watt Oven Bi Pin Globe (Twin Pack)

Part No: 4050300308050
$24.00 incl tax

Osram T5 13W Cool White (16mm) Fluorescent Tubes

Part No: 4050300008974
$16.00 incl tax

PL 11W Warm White Fluorescent Lamps (Sold as 10)

Part No: 4050300025759
$80.00 incl tax

Sylvania Lynx CFL 36W Warm White 2G11 10 Pack

Part No: 252370
$158.00 incl tax

Sylvania Lynx-CFD / 2-pin Lamps

Part No: 252016
$8.00 incl tax

Sylvania Lynx-CFDE / 4-pin Lamps (Sold as 10)

Part No: 253900
$115.00 incl tax

Twin 36W Bare Fluorescent Batten with Flex and Plug

Part No: 26199
$90.00 incl tax $85.00 incl tax