Twin 36W Bare Fluorescent Batten with Flex and Plug

Part No: 26199

$85.00 incl tax

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- FL236B-FP Twin 36W Bare Fluorescent Batten with Flex and Plug

- Twin 36W bare fluorescent batten with flex and plug
- Powder coated, pressed metal construction
- High power factor corrected
- Quality components included
- Includes MAX 2 x 36W tri-phospher cool white tubes with G13 bases

Fluorescent Battens

Fluorescent battens offer an energy efficient, cost effective alternative lighting solution which benefits both the user and the environment. Fluorescent lamps use less electricity than a standard incandescent bulb, last longer and give off less heat, making them a cost-effective lighting alternative. Many of Crompton Lighting's battens are sold complete with tri-phosphor lamps. T8 tri-phosphor lamps provide more “light” using less energy. In addition, these lamps offer improved colour rendering and the linear distribution of light is uniform for more effective illumination of your kitchen, garage or work area.

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