R80 Incandescent Reflector Lamps

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Single Unit Pack

- R80 Incandescent Reflector Lamps

- Internal high reflectance aluminum parabolic reflector and pearl crown
- Dimmable
- Manufactured to Australian Standards AS/NZS 2325-1993, and AS4091-1993
- Internally fused for safety
- Available in Edison Screw (ES E27) only.
- Average Life 1000hrs
- 240V

- For domestic and commercial accent lighting
- Shop and display lighting
- For use in surface mounted or recessed spotlights
- Suitable for indoor use only

Burning Position
- Universal (although heat distribution is affected by the angle of suspension) A range of incandescent reflector lamps featuring an internal high reflectance aluminum mirror, making them ideal for use in spot or accent lighting.

Commonly used in recessed down light fittings, spot light fittings, lamps and in bathroom heat/light/fan fittings.
These globes reflect the light and more importantly, the heat generated by the filament, forward out of the fitting. This important difference means that they are the correct globe for the above mentioned fittings.
Due to this lack of heat build up, they will last much longer and won't damage the fitting, unlike regular globes, whic are often used as a cheap substitute.

Dimensions (mm)
ES E27
80 x 110
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