Multi Colour RGB 5 Watt MR16 LED Lamp

Part No: MCL116

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- Multi Colour RGB 5 Watt MR16 LED Lamp

- White light only
- Red blue or yellow light
- Slow or fast flash across 4 colours
- Slow or fast fade of colours across a range of colours
- A flash controller for any of the above options
- 4 step dimming over all the options.

One controller can control any number of bulbs just point it at the bulb you want to control. Any bulbs close together it will set all of them at the same time.
- Lumen intensity approx 105.
- Power consumption less than 5 watts.
- Beam angle 110degrees.
- Life expectancy 50,000 hours.

Replace your standard halogen dichroic low voltage globe with this amazing colour changing LED technology. The MR16 RGB bulb operates of standard 12 volt ac or dc and can be retrofitted into most existing downlight fittings designed for MR16 Halogen bulbs. What makes this Bulb truly amazing is the Hand held IR controller which is an inexpensive extra. Point it at the bulb and you can set a series of options.

Important Note: Due to the low power consumption these LED lamps may not operate on some electonic transformers. We recommend that these operated on wire wound magnetic transformers only!