Isolite Halogen Downlight Guard & Transformer Isolator

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- Isolite Halogen Downlight Guard & Transformer Isolator

Did you know that most halogen downlights operate at between 200 & 300 degrees celcius?

Halogen Downlight Installations can now be made safe using an Isolite Haogen Downlight Guard
Available with or without transformer isolator

The Isolite Downlight Guard and Transformer Isolator provides an approved physical isolating barrier between the high temperature of heat sources of the downlight and adjacent flammable material.

Fire Safety by isolating fire hazards from flammable materials with a physical barrier
Energy Efficiency by reducing Heating & Cooling Costs
Cleanliness by restricting entry of dust, insects & allergens
Reduces sound penetration

Easy Retrofit / DIY installation without disconnection

As a result of numerous house fires in NSW that were started by halogen down lights here is a warning by the NSW Fire Brigade. The Osram Infra Red coated 20 watt and 35 watt lamps mentioned (although the energy saving mentioned are not right) can be found here

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isolite guard  isolite guard

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Guard & Transform Isolator
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