F4T5BL UV Blacklight 4W Insect-O-Cutor 16x150mm Fluorescent Lamps

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- F4T5BL UV Blacklight 4W Insect-O-Cutor 16x150mm Fluorescent Lamps

- Blacklight Blue Tubes: These 16mm x 150mm lamps F4T5BL are made from a special blue glass that filters out most of the visible light, letting only the ultra violet light pass through and can be used in standard fluorescent fittings
- Blacklight for Insect-O-Cuters: These blacklight tubes are specially designed to work with Crompton Lighting’s range of "Insect-O-Cuters", attracting flying insects to the electrified grill
- U-shaped Blacklight for Bugzappers: these u-shaped blacklights are designed as replacement lamps for insect killers, including our own "Bugzapper"

- Blacklight blue tubes are used in a number of commercial applications including forensic science, chemical analysis, archaeology, banking, medicine and special effect lighting in discos and night clubs
- Blacklight tubes are most commonly used as replacement lamps in Insect-O-Cuters, Bugzappers and other insect killers

Burning Position
- Universal

A range of low pressure mercury discharge lamps, internally coated with a white fluorescent powder that excites UV radiation in the 350-400 nanometer or UV-A region of the spectrum. These lamps are available in a range of specialised lengths and configurations to suit a variety of applications.

Dimensions (mm)
16 x 150