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CCD Compact Fluorescent Candle Lamps

Part No: 25610
$12.00 incl tax

E12 240V 25W Clear Candle Globes (25 Pack)

Part No: LLC-E12/260/25
$125.00 incl tax

E12 240V 40 Watt Clear Candle Globes (25 Pack)

Part No: LLC-E12-260/40
$125.00 incl tax

E12 LED 4W Warm White Dimmable Filament Candle Globes (Sold as 25)

Part No: F412C35C27K
The Filament Candle Clear 4W 2700K Dimmable E12 by Liquid LED's boasts of incredible energy efficiency up to 88% energy saving and using just 4W of electricity to generate 400 lumens of light—an incredible leap in efficiency compared to a standard 40W incandescent bulb.
$450.00 incl tax

XL-LED Performance 3W LED Candle Lamps

Part No: 27023
$29.00 incl tax