Amazing Energy Saving MR16 Dichroic Osram IRC (Twin Pack)

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Twin pack

- Amazing Energy Saving MR16 Dichroic Osram IRC (Twin Pack)
- Luminous Flux: 3000lm
- Dimensions D x L (mm): 51 x 46

The Osram IRC halogens are the best thing since low voltage halogens downlights were created!

Okay, low voltage halogens downlights and spotlights look great, but they do use quite a lot of power and that means $$$. So, do you go and get all the light fittings in your home or office replaced? Not likely. Well, now there is an alternative, Osram IRC - Infra-Red Coated energy saving halogen dichroic.

Yes the Osram IRC halogens will save you money on your power bill! Latest halogen dichroic technology means you can get the same light output for less power consumption. Alternatively if you want more light and dont care about the energy consumptio, use the 50 watt Osram IRC version in fittings and get 30% more light for no extra power consumption!

20 watts = 35 watts light output
35 watts = 50 watts light output
50 watts = 65 watts light output

That is an amazing 30% - 60% saving in electricity consumption with no loss of light. This is no gimmick. These quality halogen lamps are manufactured by Osram is their German factory.

HUGE 5000 hour Long Life.

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Check out how much more light you get for much less power consumption. Compare here the light output between the standard Osram Decostar lamp and the Osram IRC (Infra Red Coated lamp)


Model No
Beam Angle
Luminous Flux
48860 PRO WFL 20W 12V GU5.3
36 deg
300 lm
48860 PRO VWFL 20W 12V GU5.3
60 deg
300 lm
48865 PRO WFL 35W 12V GU5.3
36 deg
620 lm
48865 PRO VWFL 35W 12V GU5.3
60 deg
620 lm