PAR 56 300W 240V Halogen 3000K (Sold as 12)

Part No: 261063

$830.00 incl tax

12 Pack

- PAR 56 300W 240V Halogen 3000K (Sold as 12)

- 300 Watts (300W)
- 240 Volt (240V)
- 2000 hour average rated life
- Base Type: GX16d

Available in Medium Flood (MFL)

Model No


Beam Width

Colour Temp

PAR56 300W 240V MFL GX16D

Safety advice
To prevent personal injury or damage to property, PAR 56 and PAR 64 lamps may only be operated in suitable luminaires designed with suitable mechanisms (grids etc.) to ensure that in the event of a lamp bursting no parts/shards can escape. Because of the heat produced only heat-resistant lamp connections (holders) may be used. Do not operate near people, or any materials that are flammable, sensitive to heat or affected by drying out. Detailed information is available on request.

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